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Anna Throne-Holst

Bridget Fleming

Brad Bender

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Anna Throne-Holst
for Supervisor

What is it that you love about living in Southampton Town?

Is it the beaches? The schools? The sense of safety and community?

And what do you want to protect or change about this place so your children and grandchildren can enjoy living here too?

The decisions we make now determine the course of our future; the look and feel of our hamlets and villages, the quality of our environment, and our ability to afford living here.

It's not about politics. It's about people.

Creating jobs. Keeping taxes low. And making decisions that will serve us all well over the long term.

On November 8th residents will make an important decision about the direction of our Town. Three of the five Town Board seats will be determined by the election, creating an opportunity for a significant shift in local government.

If you agree with Anna, Bridget and Brad about what is most important for our communities now and in the future, please vote for them on Election Day.